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Sometimes a national authority record just lacks some of the key information that your library needs. Maybe it’s an important cross-reference, a note, or some sort of field identifier. If you just receive the latest Library of Congress authority, for example, you could lose all that hard work that you and your staff have gone […]

In an effort to continue improving our bibliographic validation services, we’ve been writing some cleanup steps for the 300 field. Nothing drastic of course — just some “straightening out” changes.

Authority Control Interest Group (ACIG) About twenty years ago I attended my first American Library Association Conference.  I was relatively new to the library world and really looking forward to the ALA experience.  I had heard so much about the great meeting being held about all topics known to “Library” Mankind.  It was a long […]

John Reese, the former Product Manager for Authority Control, has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer within our company. John is still available to all of us and we welcome his input whenever we get a chance to hear it ( Nate Cothran has been promoted to Vice President of Automation Services and continues to […]

You may have noticed that we’ve recently changed the name of this blog from MARS Authority Control to MARS Automation Services. Why the change? I’ve asked our Chief Operations Officer of the Utah location, John Reese, to explain why. Here is what he had to say. *** Before the purchase of MARS from OCLC, Backstage […]

Adding a Juvenile Subfield $v to your Library of Congress Heading Children’s subject headings are a separate file within the LC subject file. They are designated by a second indicator of 1 in the 650 tag. The adult representation found under Library of Congress Subject headings uses a $Juvenile qualifier. The LC Children’s authority file […]