Help! New Cataloging Code is Coming… RDA Helps

Karen, our librarian and resident RDA expert let me know about a little update on the RDA front. I think it’s well worth your time to take a look, especially if you’re feeling a little stressed about RDA.

The last I heard, RDA is still scheduled to be published this month, and I know many are anxiously awaiting it.  (Either in excitement or trepidation!)  I saw this link to slides from an update about RDA given to the California Library Association Annual Conference on November 2.  It not only gives a good overview of RDA and its underlying models, but goes over the new data elements in RDA and some basic differences between RDA and AACR2 with examples to illustrate them.  There are also helpful links.  I really love the title:   “Help!  The new Cataloging Code is Coming!”  This presentation will surely help.

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