RDA Day One

No Joke! Day one for RDA Implementation has finally arrived. Well, at least it’s Day One for the Library of Congress and NACO participants who contribute to the Name Authority File. With the completion of the Phase 2 NAF record updates, the LC Name Authority File has been converted to RDA except for those (relatively) few records that will need manual updating. LC will now be cataloging and doing all authority work using RDA. Backstage has already begun using these new RDA records in our authority matching process.

There is no date set for changing bibliographic records to RDA. However, bibliographic headings will need to be updated to match these new RDA authority records. Backstage stands ready to help you update your bibliographic headings so that they will better match the new RDA authority records. We can also enhance non-RDA records with RDA elements to help your records be more consistent. We are committed to keeping our processing up to speed with RDA changes that are still in the works.

For those following PCC standards for authority records, here is the latest update to their RDA guidelines:


And here is a link to RDA materials on the PCC site:


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