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Online profile support

As you look through the wiki and read over the profile steps, you may have questions. Our online interface enables you to enter your library information, set up your profile and edit current jobs scheduled for processing. Filling out the profile steps with our assistance helps bring to light any remaining questions about your data.

ILS handling

Typically, an integrated library system (ILS) has very specific criteria when it comes to exporting and importing the bibliographic records or authorities from your library. Knowing which ILS a library uses helps us understand the needs and expectations of your library. The most common source of bibliographic records is a library’s own ILS.

Your ILS may have a different methodology when it comes to importing versus exporting records. Contacting your ILS vendor will help clear these steps up.

Since our Record Deduplication service can process bibliographic records in MARC21 or MARCXML format from almost any source, it may be necessary to contact the ILS vendor regarding the best way to export the records in the proper format.

Bibliographic records in a library’s local ILS are often the only copies that contain all the updates, modifications, and enhancements made over the years. Most systems have an export feature that can create files of bibliographic or authority records in MARC format.

Some ILS allow export by date or record number ranges, enabling a library to periodically send files of new and updated records for Deduplication.



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