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Dedupe 2.7: Group 1 - 245 $a, $b - Title (Verify)



This field contains the title of the book, including main title, subtitle, statement(s) of responsibility, and occasionally other information appearing on the title page.

Every record must have a 245 tag.

Subfields a and b will be used for this parameter. If only subfield a is wanted to be used, or if other subfields are to be added other than subfields $n, $p and $h, please use section 2-13 of the dedupe profile to add this information.

Verify Method

There are a few methods for verifying: FULL, PARTIAL, and WITHIN. These methods will be used for comparing data found in a specific field against the same field in a potential match record.


Full compares the entire verify string up to the verify length.


Partial truncates the compare strings to the shortest string, then does a full compare:

 Record A:
   The fox and the hound.
 Record B:
   The fox.
 Both are truncated to The fox and compared.


Within searches each compare string truncated at verify length against the full un-truncated string of the other field:

 Record A:
 Record B:
   The cat in the hat.
 Cat in Record A will verify against The cat in the hat in Record B.


Normalization refers to how the string will be presented when compared to another string. Note that any normalization will not change anything in the record, but is only used when the program compares the strings.

Types of normalization are:

  • NACO/CJK - retains spaces and subfield delimiters
  • FULL - all spaces and subfield delimiters removed
 original field:
   $a Daniel Boone :$b a pioneer.
 normalized (naco/cjk):
 normalized (full):


This refers to how much of a given string the program will present for potential matches from the 245 $a & $b (max length = 2048 characters): Using a length of 10 gives us this example:

 original heading:
   $a Daniel Boone :$b a pioneer.
 normalized (full), length = 10:


This pertains to the number of words to be used in the verification for 245 $a & $b:

 original heading:
   $a Daniel Boone :$b a pioneer.
 words = 2:
   Daniel, Boone, A, or Pioneer are all possibilities for keyword matching.

NOTE: Non-filers are excluded from Words.

Must Verify

This option requires the given field to match between the two records. It also means that the verify field in question must exist in both records (and must match). This is typically common to include as part of the 245 title verification, though other fields may find it useful as well.


Group 1 (010, 020, 022)
245 $a, $b main entry must verify (full, naco); all characters are considered


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