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Dedupe 5.2: Keep Constraint



This step is optional and takes precedence over Step 5.1 if filled out. If both the original record and the potential match are equal after this step, then the choice in Step 5.1 takes precedence.

It is also important to note that the order in which Step 5.2 is filled out determines the order the system will take the desired match. The match information in this step can either be a straight string search (e.g., "OCoLC") or it can be a regular expression match (e.g., "[0-9]$"). Both scenarios are case-insensitive.

For example, you may instruct us to include these two constraints:

 035 $a "OCoLC"
 949 $a "[0-9]$"

Our system would initially check to see if an 035 $a contains "OCoLC". If this is found, then this particular record will be preferred over any others. If that is not found, our system will then check to see if the record has a 949 $a that ends with any number. Again, if found, that record takes precedence in the matching process. If none of the terms filled out in Step 5.2 is present in the potential match, the choice in Step 5.1 takes precedence.

This step is useful for when potential matches contain actual information that indicates it is a good match or a preferred location code.


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