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Dedupe 6.1: Backstage Change Stamp


Some customers prefer to have a stamp added to records that a vendor has modified in some way. These stamps make it easier to identify which records have already undergone processing and which records may still need to be submitted. Backstage can add an 040 $d UtOrBLW to all or only merged records.

All Records

All will add this field to all records, regardless of whether the record deduped into another record. This option is useful for customers that wish to designate every record that was processed by Backstage

Merged Only Records

Merged will only add this stamp to records where fields were retained from a matched record. Note that this option will only add the stamp to records where some other field was merged into the matching record. So if a record is deduped (where the original record found a matching record), yet no fields were retained during the dedupe, the 040 $d UtOrBLW will not be added in this case.


  • Add 040 $d UtOrBLW to all records.


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