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Dedupe 6.3 - Retained Fields



There may be certain fields your institution would prefer to retain when one record is deduped into another, better match. It could be a field that represents your holdings or items, or a control number, or subject headings, etc. Entire ranges of fields (i.e., 65X) can also be merged in this step. Once one record is deduped into another record, the original record's fields are lost unless they are retained in the matched record. If you do choose to merge your original fields into the matched record, we can merge either all of your fields or only the unique fields.


Input tag number to be retained.


All Fields

If you choose All, then our system will make sure to retain all selected original fields into the matched record. This includes the possibility of merging fields that may duplicate another field already present in the matched record. This option is useful for customers that wish to retain similar subject headings that only differ in indicator values.

Unique Fields Only

If you choose Unique, then our system will normalize the headings using NACO standards and run a comparison check. Unique indicators are ignored during the comparison check.

Longest Field

When merging a field from a dying record, choosing this option will match that field against the same field in the retained record. If the 2 fields are the exact same up until the shorter field, the longer field will be retained:

 650 $a Missing persons $x Investigation.
 650 $a Missing persons $x Investigation $v Fiction.
 650 $a Missing persons.

If the longest field parameter is being used, then 650 $a Missing persons $x Investigation $v Fiction will be retained in the final record.

Only if it doesn't exist

This will merge the indicated field from the dying record into the final record if it doesn't already exist in the final record.


 Retained record does not have an 856, but this record is kept because of the options chosen in section 5
 Dying record record has an 856 that is wanted to be retained

Choosing the only if it doesn't exist option will enable retention of the 856.


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