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Step 2.1 Question


MARC Update Service Levels

Choose the level of MARS 2.0 Bibliographic Record Validation you want by selecting one of the following options:
  • Full Update Processing—This option provides a single package of the most popular options selected by most libraries:
    • 2-2: Validate structure of 010, 020, 022, 034 fields
    • 2-3: Leader & fixed fields
    • 2-4: Tag updates & field deletes
    • 2-5: Subfield code updates & deletes
    • 2-6: Indicator updates
    • 2-7: Special MARC21 field conversions & additions
    • 2-8: Initial article & filing indicator validation
    • 2-9: GMD standardization
  • Custom Update Processing—This option allows you to select specific processing options that meet your local requirements. This choice also includes the same 8 options listed above (2:2 – 2:9). You may have specific conditions in your database that require custom modifications to update processing. Your MARS 2.0 project manager will help you explore any desired modifications with you.
  • No Update Processing—You may choose this option if you do no want updated bibliographic records returned. However, a number of update processing options affect subsequent authority control processing (e.g., 705/715 field conversion, X11 Conference name heading conversion, and initial article and filing indicator validation). Please indicate on Step 2.1 the appropriate bibliographic MARC update service level which fits your library’s needs.


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