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Step 3.11 Question


Sometimes libraries insert local fields into their local system’s authority records. Ordinarily during authority control processing, these local fields would be ignored as the authorized version would replace the authorities at the library’s end. MARS 2.0 processing enables the library to retain its local fields within matching updated authorities.

MARS 2.0 programs will look for subfield $5 within each field in the authority record provided by the library. If it finds subfield $5 MARS 2.0 programs will retain that particular field and insert it into the matched authority record.

The subfield $5 information can contain any data that makes sense to the library. MARS 2.0 programs will look for the $5 with the data specified and retain those particular fields in cases where subfield $5 data is not consistent throughout the authority records.

Backstage Library Works also gives libraries the option to look for local subfields defined differently.

	Original authority record from library:
	001	n   50006324
	100  1	$aMorse, John Torrey,$d1840-1937
	670	$aFrom his works on Thomas Jefferson, with special notes$5BLW

	LC authority record match with $5 local note retained:
	001	n   50006324
	003	DLC
	005	20080508130307.0
	008	800408n| acannaab           |a aaa
	010	$an   50006324
	040	$aDLC$cDLC$dDLC
	100  1	$aMorese, John Torrey,$d1840-1937
	400  1	$aMorse, John T.$q(John Torrey),$d1840-1937
	670	$aHis Thomas Jefferson, 1997:$bCIP t.p. (John T. Morse, Jr.)
		data sheet (b. 1840)
	670	$aFrom his works on Thomas Jefferson, with special notes$5BLW

After the fields have been inserted into the updated authority records, the records are returned to the library. The library would then overlay the authority records into their system, overwriting the copies they have with their own local notes retained in the authorized version.


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