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Step 3.15 Question


Several years ago, OCLC created some rules in the MARS software program that separated certain MeSH form subheadings from their bibliographic heading string and placed them in 655 fields.

	Heading string in a bibliographic record:
	650   2	$aEthics, Medical$xlegislation

	changed to:
	650   2	$aEthics, Medical
	655   7	$aLegislation$2mesh

The program does not uniformly separate out all form headings -- just certain ones. Currently the National Library of Medicine uses this faceted approach in LocatorPlus but combines all headings and subheadings into one string in their bibliographic utilities. Libraries have the option to either separate these strings out into topical (650), geographic (651) and form (655), or leave the string as is in their bibliographic records.

Backstage now has the ability to offer you an option. If you would prefer to keep the following form subheadings as a $v in your bibliographic string instead of having them split into a 655 field, please contact your Project Manager and we will make the change in your program for all records sent to us in the future. Unfortunately, there is no error proof automated process that will change records back if they have already been faceted out to tag 655. If there are any $v forms that you feel should be splitting to a 655 and are not, please contact us.

Faceted $v Table

The list of $v forms affected is as follows:

Addresses Academic Dissertations
Account Books Advertisements
Almanacs Animation
Architectural Drawings Book Illustrations
Bookplates Broadsides
Caricatures Consensus Development Conference
Consensus Development Conference, NIJ Database
Diaries Documentaries and Factual Films
Ephemera Eulogies
Festschrift Fictional Works
Funeral Sermons Guideline
Herbals Instruction
Lecture Notes Lectures
Legislation Letter
Meta*HY Analysis Newspaper Article
Patient Information Handout Pharmacopoeias
Posters Practice Guideline
Price Lists Programs
Prospectuses Retracted Publication
Review Literature Review of Reported Cases
Scientific Integrity Review Sermons
Statistics Technical Report
Textbook Unedited Footage


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