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JACKPHY Authority Control

The information in this section does not pertain directly to the profile questions, but is important to your understanding of MARS 2.0 Authority Control processing.

MARS 2.0 Authority Control provides special process for JACKPHY (Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Persian, Hebrew, Yiddish) bibliographic records. The MARS 2.0 process is designed to preserve all characters in bibliographic records that are designated for use in MARC records, including non-Roman sets.

JACKPHY Vernacular Headings and 880 Fields

The heading text of non-Roman headings is not converted during MARS 2.0 Authority Control due to the lack of a standard vernacular JACKPHY authority file. The links between the vernacular headings (880 fields) and Romanized heading fields are maintained during MARS 2.0 Authority Control processing.

If Romanized heading fields are deleted or added (for example, due to a split) the occurrence number in the $6 linkage subfield is modified appropriately. Similarly, the linking tag portion of the $6 linkage subfield is modified to reflect any tag conversions in the Romanized heading fields.

A report is generated listing all 880 fields which do not link to a Romanized heading field due to incorrect data in the $6 linkage subfield. All other 880 field data is untouched during processing (see Step 5, report R18).

MARS 2.0 processing does not convert the Romanized portions of 880 headings due to the lack of integrity of the resulting headings. However, a report is available that reports all tags that are linked to a vernacular tag with its linked Romanized version of the tag changed in the MARS 2.0 process (see Step 5, report R86).

	Bibliographic headings
	100  1	$aAtiman, Adriano,$dca. 1864-1956.
	880  1	$6100-1$a<chinese characters for Atiman, Adriano>,$dca. 1864-1956.

The bibliographic heading in field 100 would match the See From tracing in the following authority record:

	Established heading:
	$aAtiman, Adrien,$d1864 (ca.)-1956

	See From tracing:
	$aAtiman, Adriano,$dca. 1864-1956

MARS 2.0 programs convert the Roman heading to the current form. The vernacular (880) heading would not be changed. The updated bibliographic record would contain the following headings and an entry would be added to the report R86:

	100  1	$aAtiman, Adrien,$d1864 (ca.)-1956.
	880  1	$6100-1$a<chinese characters for Atiman, Adriano>,$dca. 1864-1956.

The 100 field in the above example updates, but the 880 field does not.

Diacritics in CJK

For CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) personal names, Backstage include certain diacritics to enhance the matching capability. Often the only difference between two CJK personal name headings is the presence or absence of a diacritic. A special CJK normalization routine is used for CJK bibliographic records. MARS 2.0 programs assume a bibliographic record may contain CJK Romanized headings if at least 1 of 3 criteria is present:

  • Specific values in an 066 Character Set Presence field that indicate use of a CJK graphic character set ($1 in a subfield $a or $)1 in a subfield $b)
    • 066 $a$1
    • 066 $b$)1
  • An 880 Alternate Graphic Representation field
  • Language codes chi, jpn, or kor in field 008, bytes 35-37

Diacritics Retained

When a bibliographic record is identified as a probable CJK record, the following diacritics (normally disregarded due to the normalization routine) are retained in the normalized headings:

  • Alif
  • Ayn
  • Breve
  • Circumflex
  • Hyphen
  • Macron
  • Umlaut

The preservation of these diacritics prevents matching a normalized CJK personal name heading to the incorrect LC authority record.


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