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RDA 5.7: Update X00 $c


X00 $c

There are a number of new RDA rules relating to the X00 $c. MARS 2.0 will bring this subfield up to RDA standards. For example, some terms within this subfield are now to be entered in parentheses or capitalized. NAF Conversion documentation for $c (doc)

   original fields:
      100   1# $a Silva, Germano, $c journalist
      100   1# $a Green, Aaron, $c (Musician)
   updated fields:
      100   1# $a Silva, Germano $c (Journalist)
      100   1# $a Green, Aaron $c (Musician)

Our team is currently working with LC on the upcoming Phase 3 Task Group for further RDA conversion of the NAF. Part of that focus is doing further work with X00 $c since there have been several RDA changes that affect these. We expect to update this section with more details as we receive them.


Update X00 $c terms when found.


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