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Dedupe 3.12: Group 2 - 245 $h - GMD (Verify)



This field contains the title of the book, including main title, subtitle, statement(s) of responsibility, and occasionally other information appearing on the title page. Only subfield h will be used for this parameter.

Every MARC record must have a 245 field, but not necessarily a subfield h.

subfield h - Medium

This subfield describes the medium, or form, of the work being catalogued. The terms used in $h are called General material designations, or GMDs, in AACR2. Subfield h is normally used only for various AV formats. When no $h is present, the catalogued item is presumed to be a book, serial, or other printed text item.

When subfield is used, the GMD is enclosed within square brackets. There is no punctuation before $h, and $h is not capitalized.

The terms deemed appropriate for $h are:

activity card art original art reproduction braille
chart computer file diorama filmstrip
flash card games globe interactive multimedia
kit manuscript map microform
microscope slide model motion picture music
picture realia slide sound recording
technical drawing toy transparency videorecording

Verify Method

  • FULL - Full compares the full verify string up to the verify length.
  • PARTIAL - Partial truncates the compare strings to the shortest string, then does a full compare. "The fox in the hound" in one record, "The fox" on the other record : both truncated to "The fox" and compared.
  • WITHIN - Withing searches each compare string truncated at verify length against the full un-truncated string of the other field. "Cat" will ind a potential match on "The cat in the hat."


  • NACO/CJK retains spaces and subfield delimiters.
  • FULL is NACO normalization with all spaces and subfield delimiters removed.


This pertains to the number of characters to be used in the verification for the 245$h within the verify method chosen above. The max number of characters that can be used is 2048.


This pertains to the number of words to be used in the verification for the 245$h within the verify method chosen above.


Group 2 (245)
245 $h must verify if field exists in both records (full, naco)

  • NOTE: If your collections contain a large amount of AV material (which have been known to vary between collections), please consult with your Backstage project manager to ensure that the best profile parameters are being used.


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