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==Sections - Record Deduplication==
==Sections - Record Deduplication==
*[[Dedupe_1.0|Step 1 - Database]] - File transfer and data formats
*[[Dedupe_1.0|Step 1 - Database]]
*[[Dedupe_2.0|Step 2 - Numeric Tag Hits]] - Bibliographic record cleanup and validation
*[[Dedupe_2.0|Step 2 - Numeric Tag Hits]]
*[[Dedupe_3.0|Step 3 - Title Text Hits]] - Conversion options for 245 $h GMD to 33X CMC terms
*[[Dedupe_3.0|Step 3 - Title Text Hits]]
*[[Dedupe_4.0|Step 4 - Other Field Hits]] - Covers options to expand many different types of descriptive abbreviations
*[[Dedupe_4.0|Step 4 - Other Field Hits]]
*[[Dedupe_5.0|Step 5 - Keep Options]] - Access field updates
*[[Dedupe_5.0|Step 5 - Keep Options]]
*[[Dedupe_6.0|Step 6 - Optional]] - Available reports (standard, optional, custom)
*[[Dedupe_6.0|Step 6 - Optional]]

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The Record Deduplication Profile was created to help simplify and explain the complex options available from Backstage Library Works when choosing to dedupe multiple bib records for the same item into the one best, most content rich bibliographic record. The profile covers topics such as: hitting on 'magic-number' fields such as the 010, 020, and 022, hitting on title text and other fields, validation, keep options, and Reports.

Sections - Record Deduplication


In an effort to consolidate questions and streamline the intuitive flow of the guide, we have recently updated the wiki and printed versions of the guide. We hope these changes complement the new version of the online profile.

The current version was edited April 2013.