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The Heading Tracker arose out of the need to help libraries sync their bibliographic headings already under authority control with new Library of Congress updates. Library of Congress authority records would be updated, making changes to the authorized form (1XX heading) but would not provide the old authorized heading as a see reference (4XX heading). Because the old authorized heading did not exist in the authority record the bibliographic record which contained the old authorized form could not be automatically changed to the new authorized form.

The Process

An optional process with the MARS 2.0 authority control software that tracks changed headings in the Library of Congress authority database and delivers the changed heading as a see reference (4XX) to Backstage’s automated authority control clients. It was developed to compensate for certain integrated library system’s inability to connect updated authority records with bibliographic authority headings. The see reference was created with an option to hide the reference from the OPAC by using the subfield, ’$w’. It is also marked as a local see reference by the use of the $5. As with most Backstage MARS 2.0 functionality, the client has options in how they want to deploy this functionality.


The following is an example of a Library of Congress authority record with a, "Heading tracker", see reference in it. The subfield $w and the local heading designation are in Bold:

In this example, a name authority has been updated to include a death date. The Heading Tracker software has automatically added the old Name with just the birth date is retained.

01 __ n 50000918
003 __ DLC
005 __ 20090218072944.0
008 __ 800208n| acannaabn |a aaa
010 __ $an 50000918
035 __ $a(OCoLC)oca00036619
040 __ $aDLC$beng$cDLC$dOCoLC
100 1_ $aParker, Fan,$d1908-2004
400 1_ $aPockrose, Fania M.,$d1908-2004
400 1_ $wnnea$aParker, Fan,$d1908-$5UtOrBLW
670 __ $aOCLC, Feb. 17, 2009$b(hdgs.: Parker, Fan, 1908- ; Parker, Fan, 1908- ; usage: Fan Parker)

In this example, a title authority has had it’s authorized form replaced to remove corporate publishing information. The Heading Tracker has recorded these changes, to update your bibs.

001 __ n 00039623 
003 __ DLC
005 __ 20090223092117.0
008 __ 000523n| acaabaaan |a ana
010 __ $an 00039623 $zno2001039655$zno2004057483
035 __ $a(OCoLC)oca05226047
040 __ $aDLC$beng$cDLC$dTNJ$dDLC
130 _0 $aNew perspectives in German studies
410 2_ $aUniversity of Birmingham.$bInstitute for German Studies.$tNew perspectives in German studies
430 _0 $wnnea$aNew perspectives in German studies (Palgrave Macmillan (Firm))$5UtOrBLW
530 _0 $aNew perspectives in German political studies
643 __ $aHoundmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire$aNew York$bPalgrave$dsome issues
643 __ $aHoundmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire$bMacmillan$dsome issues
643 __ $aHoundmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire$aNew York$bPalgrave Macmillan$dsome issues
644 __ $af$5DLC
645 __ $at$5DPCC$5DLC
646 __ $as$5DLC
670 __ $aThe challenge of the German culture, 2000:$bser. t.p. (New perspectives in German studies; developed in conjunction with the Institute for German Studies at the University of Birmingham)
670 __ $aGermany’s gathering crisis, 2009:$bser. t.p. (New perspectives in German political studies; successor of the earlier series on New perspectives in German studies)

In this example, a subject authority has been changed. If the Heading Tracker had not retained the old authorized heading, it would have been impossible for an automated process to update this heading.

001 __ sh 85006807 
003 __ DLC
005 __ 20090320075947.0
008 __ 860211| anannbabn          |n ana
010 __ $ash 85006807
040 __ $aDLC$cDLC$dDLC
150 __ $aIslamic architecture$zIndia
450 __ $wnnea$aArchitecture, Islamic$zIndia$5UtOrBLW


You have several options if you choose to use the Heading Tracker Software.

  • Display in public access, or not. The default will be to not display.
  • Create an undifferentiated or generic '''''''see'''' reference, or not. The default is to create the reference.
  • Clean up '''''''see'''' references (other than a 430) by making the second indicator of that tag blank, in compliance with Library of Congress standards. The default is to not adjust the LC-provided indicator.
  • Run a second file without Heading Tracker data, directly after the first file, to remove the Backstage-created '''''''see'''' references. This provides the connection between old and new headings when importing the files to your ILS, but removes the old references when the second file is loaded. The default is to not provide a second file.

For additional information on the, "Heading Tracker", functionality click on the following link: (http://ac.bslw.com/community/blog/2009/04/39/)