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The MARS 2.0 Profile was created to help simplify and explain the complex options available from Backstage Library Works when choosing Authority Control. The profile covers topics such as: Bibliographic Cleanup, Authority Matching, Series Processing, Reports, On-going services (Current Cataloging and Notification), and Reports.


Ch. 1 - Data Information - Data Format and transfer options Ch. 2 - Bibliographic Record Validation - Cleanup and validation options for Bibliographic records Ch. 3 - Authority Cleanup and Matching - Options that control matching on Authority records Ch. 4 - Output Options - Output options for both Bibliographic and Authority records Ch. 5 - Reports - Information on the different available reports Ch. 6 - Ongoing Services - Options to keep your Authority file up to date Ch. 7 - Optional Services - Optional services, such as Table of Contents and Remaster