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Step 3.4 Question


Flip Second Indicators for Partial Matches

During the MARS 2.0 Authority Matching process, partial matches are found for subject headings in which not all of the subject heading has been authorized. Frequently, enough of the subject heading has been validated to warrant changing the second indicator to reflect the match found. Even though the rest of the subject heading may not match (likely due to LC not creating authority records for every possible subdivision on a subject heading), libraries can still have the second indicators flipped.

	Bibliographic subject heading:
	650   4	$aEnglish language$xForeign elements$xGreek$vTextbooks.

	Closest match (LC sh 85043541):
	150    	$aEnglish language$xForeign elements

	Second Indicator Flipped for Partial Match:
	650   0	$aEnglish language$xForeign elements$xGreek$vTextbooks.

Note: Only subject headings (6XX) are candidates for having their second indicator flipped when a partial match is found.


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