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RDA 1.4: Records to Deliver


All bib records

When enriching AACR2 records and creating hybrid AACR2 / RDA records, even though all records may not be changed, it may be preferable that all bibs are returned. This is especially useful in conjunction with Step 1.5 when adding change stamps to the records.

Changed bibs only

This option encompasses all changes made during the RDA processing. If you want the RDA processing to only take place when enriching and validating existing RDA bib records, then you could choose to have only changed bib records returned.

Bibliographic file segmentation

ILS limitations or requirements for loading and indexing updated records are a consideration in determining maximum bibliographic output size.

The response time in some local systems is sometimes degraded during prolonged loads. In other ILS, essential online system tasks cannot be performed during a load.

While Backstage can handle files in excess of 1,000,000 records, we can also distribute files broken up into more appropriate chunks to facilitate the loading and indexing processes on your side.


Deliver all bibliographic records returned in a single file.


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