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RDA 3.0: GMD to CMC Conversion

This phase of RDA processing comprises a series of routines that compare existing GMDs (245 $h) as well as specific positions of the leader and fixed fields to determine the best RDA Content Type RDA 6.9 (RDA), Media Type RDA 3.2 (RDA), and Carrier Type RDA 3.3 (RDA) types to add to the 33X fields in your records.

Sample GMD to CMC conversion table

Here is a sample GMD to CMC conversion table. The full table consists of over 1,400 different variations. Fields taken into account in adding the 33X include the Leader, 007, 008, 245 $h and 300 $a.

If your local practices for assigning GMD or CMC differ from MARS 2.0 processing, please contact your project manager to discuss options for altering the way GMDs and CMCs are processed in your records.

Note: Custom mappings can also be generated upon request.

GMD = 245 $h [sound recording]

LDR/06 007/00 007/01 008/30,31 Content Type (336) Media Type (337) Carrier Type (338)
i s g s sounds audio audio cartridge
i s e s sounds audio audio cylinder
i s d s sounds audio audio disc
i s i s sounds audio sound track reel
i s q s sounds audio audio roll
i s s s sounds audio audiocassette
i s t s sounds audio audiotape reel
i s z s sounds audio other audio carrier
i s g spoken word audio audio cartridge
i s e spoken word audio audio cylinder
i s d spoken word audio audio disc
i s i spoken word audio sound track reel



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