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RDA 4.6: Other Field Additions


046 field

046 fields are useful when your dates cannot be correctly coded in X00 $d due to B.C. dates or incorrect dates being used (1). This may be another means to make that date available or understandable:

 original field:
   100 $a Smith, John, $d 1950-1952
 created field:
   046 $a m $c 1950 $e 1952

Here we have an example where the birth & death date of the person in question doesn't appear to be correct, so we can create an 046 field from the 100 $d in this instance. The m designates that we are working with multiple dates and the c and e subfields let us know that these dates are part of the Common Era. NAF Conversion documentation for 046 (pdf)

Special Note for the 38X fields

Currently Backstage only adds the 382, 383, and 384 fields derived from the 240 field. If you need 38X's added from the 7XX fields please see your project manager, as there are complications that will need to be addressed.

382 field

38X fields can be added to your records to correspond with music headings in a way to help break up the original music heading into a more machine-actionable set of fields (2). In particular, 382 fields (Medium of Performance) chunk the music heading's medium into its own field: RDA 6.15.1 (html)

 original field:
   100 $a Telemann, Georg Philipp, $d 1681-1767.
   240 $a Suites, $m string orchestra, $r D major.
 added field:
   382 $a string orchestra

In this example, the 240 $m is mapped to 382 $a to denote the Medium of Performance.

MARS 2.0 processing will not attempt to add a 382 field if any of the following is present:

  • 382 field already exists in record
  • 240 field has $k, $o, $p, "brasses", "plucked instrument", or "keyboard instruments"
  • 240 $m contains "strings", "woodwinds", "winds" and 240 $t does not contain "trio", "quartet", or "quintet"

NAF Conversion documentation 382 field (pdf)

 original fields:
   100 $a Hoffmeister, Franz Anton, $d 1754-1812. $t Quintets, $m violins, violas, cello, $r A major
   100 $a Bonazzi, F. $q (Ferdinando), $d 1746-1845. $t Sonatas, $m organs (2), $r C major
   100 $a Huybrechts, Albert, $d 1899-1938. $t Suites, $m piano (Sketches)
 added fields:
   382 $a violins, violas, cello
   382 $a organs (2)
   382 $a piano

383 field

383 fields (Numerical Designation of Musical Work) RDA 6.16.1 (html) list the number associated with the musical work (3):

 original field:
   100 $a Callhoff, Herbert, $d 1933-
   240 $a Quartets, strings, $n no. 2
 added field:
   383 $a no. 2

In this example, the 240 $m is mapped to 383 $a to denote the Numeric Designation of Musical Work. NAF Conversion documentation 383 field (pdf)

384 field

384 fields (Key) RDA 6.17.1 (html) help to differentiate between identical musical works, but in different keys tonally (4):

 original field:
   100 $a Johann Joseph Ranier Rudolph, $c Erzherzog von Oesterreich.
   240 $a Sonatas, clarinet, piano, $n op. 2, $r A major
 added fields:
   384 $a A major

In this example, the 240 $r is mapped to 384 $a to denote the Key.

Parenthetical information is typically discarded when mapping to 384 fields: NAF Conversion documentation for 384 field (pdf)

 original fields:
   100 $a Dowland, John, $d 1563?-1626. $t Galliards, $m lute, $n P. 31, $r G minor
   100 $a Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, $d 1756-1791. $t Requiem, $n K. 626, $r D minor (Süssmayr)
   100 $a Torelli, Giuseppe, $d 1658-1709. $t Solos, $m violins (2), $r D minor (Ms. British Library. Additional 64965, no. 9(a))
 added fields:
   384 $a G minor
   384 $a D minor
   384 $a D minor


Do not create 046 field or add 38X fields.


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