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RDA 4.8: 34X Field Additions

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Backstage can attempt to add the 34X fields outlined below to your bibliographic records. We utilize the MARC fields mapped to the RDA elements as well as other fields and subfields if they exist within the MARC record, these bibliographic fields are used alone or in combinations. Where the RDA instructions include a vocabulary, we use those terms but when particular terms are not specified, we search for the most common terms in usage. In most cases, it may be possible to have terms added to our parameters. With the exception of the 348 field, we do not add a $2 to the end of the field because not all subfields use terms from an RDA vocabulary.

We follow current best practice by splitting these fields into separate fields to allow for the $2 with vocabulary source for each subfield to be added.

DISCLAIMER: There are several obstacles to adding these fields by automated means. Differences in practice and changes in definitions of fields and codes over time have resulted in inconsistencies in application. A machine cannot always tell when this happens, like when an 007 field is for a different format rather than the main resource. Sometimes there is additional information in the record that the system can use, but there are times when fields may be added erroneously. We do not try to add these fields when there are multiple instances of information bearing fields like the 007 and 300. We will not always be able to add all subfields, but we will attempt to add as many as possible.

340 field: Physical Medium

340 subfield Description Fields used Backstage notes
a Material base and configuration (RDA 3.6) 007, 300ab, 338 We only add material base
b Dimensions (RDA 3.5) 007, 300ac, 337, 533
c Materials applied to surface (RDA 3.7) 007, 300b
d Information recording technique (RDA 3.9) 007, 300bc, 344c,345b
e Support (RDA 3.8) 007
f Production rate/ratio (RDA 3.15, RDA 3.16.4, RDA 3.17.3) 007, 300b, 344c, 345b
g Color content 007, 300b Not currently mapped to RDA
h Location within medium n/a Not currently mapped to RDA
i Technical specifications of medium (RDA 3.20) 538
j Generation (RDA 3.10) 007
k Layout (RDA 3.11) 007
m Book format (RDA 3.12) 300c
n Font size (RDA 3.13) Leader/06, 300ab
o Polarity (RDA 3.14) 007, 300ab, 533
p Illustrative content 008/18-21, 300b

344 field: Sound characteristics

344 subfield Description Fields used
a Type of recording (RDA 3.16.2) Leader/06, 007, 300abc, 336a, 338a, 538
b Recording medium (RDA 3.16.3) Leader/06, 007, 300abc, 338a, 538
c Playing speed (RDA 3.16.4) 007, 300abc, 338a, 340f
d Groove characteristic (RDA 3.16.5) 007, 300b, 538
e Track configuration (RDA 3.16.6) 300b, 538
f Tape configuration (RDA 3.16.7) 007, 300ab, 538
g Configuration of playback channel (RDA 3.16.8) 007, 300b, 538
h Special playback characteristics (RDA 3.16.9) 007, 300b, 538

345 field: Projection Characteristics of Moving Image

345 subfield Description Fields used
a Presentation format (RDA 3.17.2) 007, 300b, 538
b Projection speed (RDA 3.17.3) 300bc, 340f, 538

346 field: Video Characteristics

346 subfield Description Fields used
a Video format (RDA 3.18.2) 007, 300b, 538
b Broadcast standard (RDA 3.18.3) 300c, 538

347 field: Digital File Characteristics

347 subfield Description Fields used
a File type (RDA 3.19.2) Leader/06, 007, 008, 256, 300a and 300b, 336, 337, 352q, 516, 538
b Encoding format (RDA 3.19.3) 007, 256, 300b, 352q, 516, 538
c File size (RDA 3.19.4) 256, 300a or 300b
d Resolution (RDA 3.19.5) 538
e Regional encoding (RDA 3.19.6) 538
f Encoded bitrate (RDA 3.19.7) 300, 538

348 field: Format of Notated Music

348 subfield Description Fields used
a Format of notated music term (RDA* Leader/06 (must be 'c' or 'd'), 008, 300a, 650, 655
b Format of notated music code No attempt to code
  • While we use the list of terms at RDA, it is not always possible to determine which RDA term is correct since there is not always a direct correlation between terms and codes used in BIB records and RDA vocabulary. When the field cannot be added, it will be reported. When the field is added, it will be followed by $2rda


Do not add 34X fields.


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