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RDA 5.3: Dept to Department


Dept > Department

One of the most talked about changes in abbreviations has been the change from abbreviating the term department. The abbreviation dept. has been widely used in Corporate Names (X10) and Meeting Names (X11). NAF Conversion documentation for Dept. (pdf). MARS 2.0 can expand dept. to department in all of the X10/X11 fields, or only in the fields which you specify:

 original fields:
   110   1  $a New York (State). $b Dept. of Motor Vehicles.
   610   10 $a United States. $b Army. $b Dept. of the Columbia.
 updated fields:
   110   1  $a New York (State). $b Department of Motor Vehicles.
   610   10 $a United States. $b Army. $b Department of the Columbia.

Although this change was made during the conversion of the NAF to conform to RDA, since the authorized access point is based on the preferred name which is based on usage, it is still possible for there to be headings that use the abbreviation. The spelled out form should be found in a 4XX, so changed bib headings should be able to be matched and flipped to the proper form.


Expand Dept. to Department in all access fields.


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