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RDA 5.4: Uniform Title Updates (X00, X10, X30, 240)


Music abbreviations

Certain abbreviations should no longer used in the arranged statement for music (240 $o, 6XX $o, 7XX $o): acc., arr., unacc. NAF Conversion documentation, Music abbreviations (pdf) The following abbreviations will be spelled out in subfield $o in music headings. Additionally, these abbreviations will be spelled out when found in $m, $o, $p, and $t of the 1XX, 6XX, 7XX, and 8XX fields.

Abbreviated Expanded
acc. accompaniment
arr. arranged
unacc. unaccompanied
 original fields:
   240   00 $a Wedding of Gloriana. $k Selections; $o arr.
   630   00 $a Wedding of Gloriana. $k Selections; $o unacc.
 updated fields:
   240   00 $a Wedding of Gloriana. $k Selections; $o arranged.
   630   00 $a Wedding of Gloriana. $k Selections; $o unaccompanied.

Uniform titles with 2 languages in $l > 700 fields

When a uniform title $l contains two languages, this can be separated into two 700 fields with individual $l subfields. When the uniform title is the 240 field, the 240 field is removed during the process: RDA (html)

 original fields:
   100   0  $a Plato
   240   10 $a Works. $l English & Greek. $f 1914
 updated fields:
   700   0  $a Plato. $t Works. $l English. $f 1914.
   700   0  $a Plato. $t Works. $l Greek. $f 1914.

Currently, not all Library of Congress authorities have been updated to reflect this type of change, so these new 700 fields may no longer match the LC authority file and you may see them on our Unmatched Headings Report. As these changes are made in LC, authorities for the unmatched headings will be delivered as part of ongoing processing.

Also, please note that when a 240 contains $l Polyglot an automated system cannot determine what the multiple languages are without the item in hand. These will be reported so you can add your own 700's, at will.

UPDATE: When we are adding a 7XX from the 240 fields, if one of the languages from the 240 $l appears in the 041 $h, that language will be omitted from the newly created 7XX


Make all changes & expand abbreviations for uniform titles in 240, X00, X10, X11, X30 fields.


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