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RDA 6.2: Standard Enrichment Reports


Standard RDA reports

MARS 2.0 provides many of the most commonly used reports as a standard part of every RDA project. They are available for review (or not) at your discretion. Custom reports can be developed for conditions not covered by any of the RDA optional reports. Standard reports are listed above.


Deliver all standard reports from RDA enrichment processing.

R119 - Unrecognized Relator Terms

This report compares incoming relator terms from the Library against our custom list. The list is comprised of terms from the Open Metadata Registry as well as terms Backstage has added over time. Relator terms with common typos are checked and updated prior to potentially appearing on this list.

R121 - Statistical summary

Includes both high-level and detailed statistical information about the files processed. Also includes the number of times selected actions were taken and the number of headings that contain specific conditions related to database and heading maintenance.

R122 - Side-by-side record comparison

Bibliographic records which were changed, showing both the input and output records. Updated fields are highlighted in this side-by-side report.

R131 - GMD converted to CMC

Content, Media, and Carrier types were added to the 33X fields (based on the value of the GMD in the 245 $h, position 06 of the Leader, 007, and 008) in the records listed on this report.

R132 - CMC Not Added

Reports out records by 245 (Title) when a combination of using the Leader, 007, and 008 did not find a match against the existing CMC list.

R135 - Unrecognized GMD

If Backstage's GMD tables do not contain a particular GMD variant, that GMD will be included in the Unrecognized GMD report. Records listed on this report did not have the Content, Media, or Carrier types added to the 33X fields.

R142 - Date abbreviations spelled out

Abbreviations within date subfields (X00 $d, X10 $d, X11 $d, X30 $d) have been spelled out to the fuller term.

R151 - Access field updates

Changes made to access fields are listed in this report. The two types of access field changes are updating the punctuation between conference place names and updating the main entry if no 1XX field exists.

R152 - Title field updates

Title fields (240, 245, & 246) which have been updated are included in this report.

R155 - Title contains [sic] or [i.e.]

Spelling errors in the title field (245) should no longer be marked with [sic]. Instead, the spelling error is retained and a 246 can be added with the corrected version. Mistakes within the title field may have also been marked with [i.e.]. Fields within this report have had the [sic] and [i.e.] information removed. These fields are added to this report so that a necessary 246 fields can be added manually.

R160 - Unrecognized $c in Personal Name Fields

Lists personal name field $c terms which are not currently considered acceptable.


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