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RDA 6.3: Optional Enrichment Reports


Optional RDA reports

The primary factor in the number of optional or custom reports you request is the availability of the staff for additional record maintenance. Each library needs to determine, based on their local circumstances, if any post-processing review will be done.

R130 - GMD Added

The GMD in each heading in this report was added during MARC Update processing. None of the fields in this report contained a 245 $h subfield prior to MARC Update processing.

R132 - CMC Not Added

CMC could not be added because the leader, 007, and 008 fields did not match any entries on our list of CMCs.

R133 - CMC created without GMD

The following CMC's were created without the use of a GMD either because the record lacked a GMD field in the 245 $h or the existing GMD did not match in the CMC Conversion table.

R134 - CMC Optional Report

CMCs in records listed in this report should be checked by the institution to ensure correct changes were made.

R141 - Department abbreviations expanded

In each of the fields listed in this report, the abbreviation "dept." has been spelled out to "Department." This may include any X10 or X11 field.

R143 - Relator term abbreviations expanded

Relator term abbreviations which have been spelled out are included in this report. The applicable fields/subfields include X00 $e, X10 $e, and X11 $j.

R144 - Imprint abbreviations expanded

The imprint fields (260 $a, $b, $c) listed within this report have had one or more abbreviations spelled out to the fuller form of the term.

R145 - Physical description abbreviations expanded

Abbreviations within the physical descpription (300 field) have been spelled out. This includes abbreviations within the extent (300 $a), other physical details (300 $b), and the dimensions (300 $c).

R146 - Other abbreviations expanded

Other abbreviations that have been spelled out are on this report. The following types of abbreviations may have been corrected: Bible Testament abbreviations, series numbering, abbreviations within the notes field (500), music abbreviations, and edition statement (250) abbreviations.

R153 - Imprint field updates

Updates made to the 260 field are listed. This includes fixing brackets around multiple subfields and moving [i.e.] information to a 500 note field. Changes made to the 260 $a and $b to replace the Latin abbreviations S.l. and s.n. are included on the R144 report.

R154 - Statement of responsibility flag

If the statement of responsibility (245 $c) had [et al.] or ellipsis (...), then that data is removed and the record is flagged on this report. If desired, someone can manually add additional information to the statement of responsibility so that more than three contributors are included.

Custom reports

Backstage can generate custom reports that include information meeting many different criteria. If the report options presented in Step 6 do not adequately address your needs, please discuss your requirements with your project manager.

Many different types of reports can be created using the characteristics described in this section (e.g., fields to include, format of the report, sort order). Reports that fall outside the scope of the options in Step 6 can be requested by filling out additional details in your online profile.


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