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Step 2.13: Punctuation Removal

MARS 2.0 now offers an option to omit terminal punctuation in descriptive fields within the Bibliographic Record. This option was born out of the PCC's options of omitting punctuation when desired.

For a number of years, the PCC has been working on investigating the use of "minimal punctuation" within MARC records. In 2019 Backstage began developing a process to remove terminal punctuation from descriptive fields. This process was built based on an Excel spreadsheet provided by the PCC for which descriptive fields within a MARC record were allowed to have terminal punctuation removed. At the time, access points were NOT to have terminal punctuation removed.

January 2020 saw the implementation of options to have both terminal punctuation removed from ALL fields within the MARC record but also options for removing medial punctuation within the MARC fields.

At this time, MARS 2.0 only incorporates the removal of terminal punctuation from the previously prescribed descriptive fields. Updates will be made to add options to removing terminal punctuation from access points as well as medial punctuation.


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