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The OLAC Video Game Genre Terms is a vocabulary that implemented in 2018 and is not intended to be updated any further.
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  '''Bib 655 heading''':
  655  <font color="red">7</font> $a 2D video games. $2 <font color="red">olacvggt</font>
==Cartographic Update==
==Cartographic Update==

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Step 3.11: Genre Form Matching


MARS 2.0 can match bibliographic genre form headings (655) against a variety of authority files. MARC 655 fields are available for libraries to record the genre, form, and/or physical characteristics of the materials being described.

Standard published lists are used as sources for the genre and form terms. The source of each heading is designated by an abbreviation entered into $2 source of term.

Library of Congress Genre Form Terms

All LCGFT headings will have 2nd indicator 7, though there are still some LC genre headings with 2nd indicator 0 that have not yet been moved over into LCGFT. MARS 2.0 recognizes LCGFT identified by either method, and will update the identification used by the cataloged record:

 use of $2 in heading:
 655  7 $a Fiction films $2 lcsh
 updated to lcgft 655 tag:
 655  7 $a Fiction films $2 lcgft

LC has also added the subdivision Globes to the Map genre changes:

 651  0 $a Washington (D.C.) $v Pictorial maps.
   changes to:
 651  0 $a Washington (D.C.) $v Maps.
 655  7 $a Pictorial maps. $2 lcgft
 651  0 $a Ganymede (Satellite) $v Globes.
   changes to:
 651  0 $a Ganymede (Satellite) $v Maps.
 655  7 $a Globes. $2 lcgft

Genre form terms in topical 650 headings

Terms in topical subject headings (650) are always updated in accordance with the practice of the heading system indicated by the 2nd indicator of the field.

Topical subject headings are not affected in any way by the options selected for genre form headings.

Terms in genre form headings (655) are always updated in accordance with the practice of the heading system indicated by the rules governing that genre.

In the example below, the 655 field has been updated based on a crossreference in an LC authority record, while the term in the 655 field has been updated based on a cross-reference in the related GSAFD authority record:

 Matching against LCGFT:
 obsolete 655 heading:
 655  0 $a Sitcoms (Television programs)
 updated  655 heading:
 655  7 $a Situation comedies (Television programs) $2 lcgft
 Matching against GSAFD:
 obsolete 655 heading:
 655  7 $a Sitcoms. $2 gsafd
 updated  655 heading:
 655  7 $a Comedy television programs. $2 gsafd

Genre form update reports

Updates for genre form headings are included in Updated Headings report (see Step 5.2, R30).

AAT Authority Records

MARS 2.0 also provides authority control for genre form terms authorized for use in the Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus (hereafter referred to as AAT):

 obsolete 655 heading:
 655  7 $a catalogs, on-line. $2 aat
 updated  655 heading:
 655  7 $a online catalogs. $2 aat

Note: AAT authorities also contain many extraneous subfields immediately following $a, which may present challenges to your ILS when trying to index or load the records. MARS 2.0 can strip these (uppercase alphabetic) subfields, leaving only the lowercase subfields in place.

GSAFD Authority Records

The following example shows an update for a genre term extracted from Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, etc (hereafter referred to as GSAFD):

 obsolete 655 heading:
 655  7 $a Utopias. $2 gsafd
 updated  655 heading:
 655  7 $a Utopian fiction. $2 gsafd

MeSH Genre Authority Records

MARS 2.0 also provides authority control for the list of genre terms authorized by the National Library of Medicine for use in 655 fields:

 obsolete 655 heading:
 655  7 $a Meeting Reports. $2 mesh
 updated  655 heading:
 655  7 $a Congresses. $2 mesh

In 2002, a change to the MARC21 standards was authorized that allows identification of Medical genre terms either by using 2nd indicator 7 plus $2, or by use of 2nd indicator 2 without $2. MARS 2.0 recognizes Medical genre terms identified by either method, and will retain the method of identification used by the cataloged record:

 use of $2 in 655:
 655  7 $a Almanacs. $2 mesh
 updated 2nd indicator 2:
 655  2 $a Almanacs.

Rare Books Manuscripts Section Vocabularies

MARS 2.0 can now match against the Rare Books and Manuscript Section genre authority files (hereafter referred to as RBMS). RBMS is a set of eight different thesauri provided with the generous assistance of the Association of College and Research Libraries, as well as Folger Shakespeare Library.

These vocabularies provided a standardized means for retrieving special collections materials by genre, form, or by various physical characteristics that are typically of interest to researchers and special collections librarians.

These thesauri are for relating materials to individuals or corporate bodies:

rbbin binding terms 307 records
rbgenr genre terms 501 records
rbpap paper terms 290 records
pri printing evidence 152 records
rbprov provenance evidence 82 records
rbpub publishing evidence 39 records
rbrel relator terms 71 records
rbtyp type evidence 130 records

NOTE: The summer of 2022 should see is reissue of RBMS as "CVRMC". The separate categories of terms will be merged into a single vocabulary with $2 cvrmc. We will update this page when those changes have been made live and Backstage is able to adjust the legacy data accordingly.

Thesaurus for Graphic Materials

The Thesaurus for Graphic Materials is a tool for indexing visual materials by subject and genre format. The thesaurus includes subject terms to index topic shown or reflected in pictures, and genre form terms to index types of photographs, prints, design drawings, ephemera, and other categories:

gmgpc genre terms 670 records
lctgm subject terms 7,142 records

Faceted Access for Subject Terminology

OCLC has created an authority database for FAST headings and made this available for matching against. MARS 2.0 can process your FAST headings via our processing upon your request. The 655 fields would need to have 2nd indicator value of 7 and $2 fast in order for our system to process these genre headings.

The FAST authority database comprises over 1.7 million authorities.

FAST authorities allow for a faceted approach to listing subject headings within bibliographic records:

 650 #0 $a American loyalists $z England.
 651 #0 $a United States $x History $y Revolution, 1775-1783 $v Biography.
 650 #0 $a Secret service $z Great Britain.
 650 #0 $a Painters $z United States.
 648 #7 $a 1775-1783. $2 fast
 650 #7 $a American loyalists. $2 fast
 611 27 $a American Revolution (1775-1783) $2 fast
 650 #7 $a Secret service. $2 fast
 650 #7 $a Painters. $2 fast
 651 #7 $a England. $2 fast
 651 #7 $a United States. $2 fast
 651 #7 $a Great Britain. $2 fast
 655 #7 $a Biography. $2 fast
 655 #7 $a History. $2 fast

So each term within the original LC subject headings are broken out into a faceted network of headings. This could potentially enable discovery systems to make better links to subjects for patrons. Rather than searching for American loyalists in England patrons could search for American loyalists and then decide whether to pursue that to England or explore other countries with that term.


The OLAC Video Game Genre Terms is a vocabulary that implemented in 2018 and is not intended to be updated any further.

 Bib 655 heading:
 655  7 $a 2D video games. $2 olacvggt

Cartographic Update

Backstage can update certain cartographic materials terms that exist in 650 or 651 $v subfields, as well as break out the terms into their own respective 655 field:

 Original fields
 651 #0 $a Scotland $v Bathymetric maps.
 651 #0 $a Scotland $v Globes.
 651 #0 $a Scotland $v Maps, Outline.
 Updated fields
 651 #0 $a Scotland $v Maps.
 655 #7 $a Bathymetric maps $2 lcgft.
 655 #7 $a Globes $2 lcgft.
 655 #7 $a Outline maps $2 lcgft.


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