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Step 3.13: Local Authority Master


Sometimes a library has local authority records with local rules governing their relationship to the bibliographic record. MARS 2.0 can recognize your library’s local authority file and govern its matching criteria according to what your library needs.

Matched before national file

An example of a library using a form of a heading that is in conflict with the form chosen by LC. This occurs most often for series titles:

 If your library decided to use the following heading in a set of bib records:
 440 0 $a West Group's tax practice series
 This is in conflict with the authorized form in the LC authority for this title:
 010   $a n 00090467
 130 0 $a Tax practice series (St. Paul, Minn.)
 430 0 $a West Group's tax practice series

A heading that matches a 4XX See From tracing in an LC authority record would convert to the authorized form in the 1XX field.

To prevent this heading flip, you must provide a file of locally generated authority records against which your headings are matched first.

If a heading first matches a local authority record, it will not convert based on the LC authority. No further matching occurs when a bibliographic heading matches a heading in a local authority record. The heading form established according to local practice is retained.

Matched after national file

Matching after a National file is useful for situations where the heading is special to the library and, while it may not be authorized yet by the National file, the library does not want to see the particular heading showing up in the Unmatched Primary Headings report (see Step 5.2, R07).

This is especially helpful when the not-yet-authorized heading appears in multiple bibliographic records.

Local heading matching

If your library has an established MARC authority file that you want to incorporate into your MARS 2.0 master authority file, you will need to send us a MARC file of these records before we can process your bibliographic files.


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