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* [[Step 6.11|Step 6.11]] - Deleted Authorities
* [[Step 6.11|Step 6.11]] - Deleted Authorities
* [[Step 6.12|Step 6.12]] - Older Forms of Headings
* [[Step 6.12|Step 6.12]] - Older Forms of Headings
* [[Step 6.13|Step 6.13]] - Library Adds & Deletes
* [[Step 6.13|Step 6.13]] - Bibliographic Changes & Deletes

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Step 6.0: Ongoing Services

Notification service

The MARS 2.0 Authority Notification Service keeps your authority files up to date by notifying you when authority records are updated, replaced, or deleted, and supplying the updated records to your library. This service is very flexible, with options that make it easy to customize in order to meet local requirements.

With the exception of new records that replaced deleted records and unmatched headings (briefs), you do not receive new authority records through this service. The Current Cataloging Service provides new authority records.

No downtime is required for your catalog while this service is running.

Current Cataloging service

The focus of the Current Cataloging Service is to incorporate Authority Control for your new bibliographic records into your regular cataloging workflow. There are two components to this service:

  • Delivery of bibliographic records upgraded by MARS 2.0 Authority Control processing
  • Delivery of new authority records not previously distributed to you that match headings in the bibliographic records

Bibliographic Update service

Intended as an alternative option to the Notification service, the Bibliographic Update service will deliver any updated authority records as well as any bibliographic records that contain those headings that were changed.

This service option is ideal for those whose ILS cannot easily make batch-changes to Bibliographic records once updated authority records are loaded. The library must submit any updated or deleted bibliographic records prior to the scheduled run. It does also require downtime within your catalog so that you are not making changes to records that could potentially be overlaid, thus having those changes lost.

MARS 2.0 Master Authority File

MARS 2.0 maintains a Master Authority File for your institution that has been supported by any of the MARS 2.0 Authority Control services. Your MARS 2.0 Master Authority File can actually consist of a number of separate authority files, based on the profile options selected by you and your staff:

  • National-level authority records (separate files for LC, MeSH, NLC, etc.)
  • Locally generated records that conflict with LC practices, but are required for your catalog
  • Locally generated records to be replaced by national-level records
  • National-level authority records with local tags & subfields to be merged with updates in national records
  • MARS 2.0 unmatched heading records for all bibliographic headings that did not fully match a national-level authority record during the MARS 2.0 Authority Control processing of your bibliographic records

National-level authority files

The first step in your Notification Service is to compare each authority record previously distributed to you with the current version of the appropriate national-level authority files.

This service is available on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

An update has occurred when a national-level authority record’s 005 date and time of latest transaction field is later than the date and time in the 005 field in the record previously distributed to your library.

Deleted records

If one of the authority records (based on its control number) no longer exists in the national-level file, a delete has occurred (i.e., the national library has removed the record from the master copy of their authority file).

If you choose to receive updated records electronically, the deleted authority records will have the Record Status (Leader byte 05) set to d.

Replaced records

For each deleted authority record, MARS 2.0 programs search the entire appropriate national-level authority file to see if the deleted record has been replaced.

If the record’s control number is found in the appropriate field in the nationallevel file (for example, 010 $z for LC authority records) the deleted record has been replaced by a different authority record.

MARS 2.0 includes replacement records as new records in authority update files, and/or displays them in Authority Delete Reports.

MARS 2.0 unmatched heading records

Your MARS 2.0 Master Authority File includes a brief record generated for each unmatched heading during the MARS 2.0 Authority Control processing of bibliographic records.

During every subsequent Notification Service, MARS 2.0 programs search for a national-level authority record corresponding to these unmatched headings.

When searching the national files, MARS 2.0 programs always check both the Established Heading (1XX) and See From xrefs (4XX) for potential matches. If one is found, the new authority record will be included in the authority distribution files.

The new national-level authority record will replace the MARS 2.0 unmatched heading record in your Master Authority File.

Authority record status

MARS 2.0 automatically sets the Record Status (Leader byte 05):

  • New (n) - these authorities are new to your catalog
  • Changed (c) - these records already exist in your catalog and are changed
  • Deleted (d) - these authorities need to be removed from your catalog

Note: Authority records issued by LC with a record status of a (increase in encoding level) are distributed by MARS 2.0 with a record status of c (changed), since it is a change to a record in your local authority file.

Similarly, authority records issued by LC with a record status of s or x are distributed by MARS 2.0 with a record status of d, since they need to be deleted from your local authority file.

Upgrading damaged authority records

If authority records have been modified during previous cleanup projects by other vendors, records could be missing a necessary field (e.g., 005) or have damaged or missing LC Authority Record Numbers. Let your MARS 2.0 project manager know if your authority file needs extra attention.



Current Cataloging

  • Step 6.6 - New Bibliographic Update Frequency
  • Step 6.7 - New & Changed Authorities

Bibliographic Update


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