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Terminology… H

Heading Flip

A heading flip is a bibliographic heading that matches a 4XX See From tracing in an LC authority record during automated authority control. When this match occurs the automated process would convert (flip) to the authorized form from the authority records 1XX field. (mpg)

Heading Tracker

An optional process with the MARS 2.0 authority control software that tracks changed headings in the Library of Congress authority database and delivers the changed heading as a see reference (4XX) to Backstage’s automated authority control clients. It was developed to compensate for certain integrated library system’s inability to connect updated authority records with bibliographic authority headings. The see reference was created with an option to hide the reference from the OPAC by using the subfield, ’$w’. It is also marked as a local see reference by the use of the $5. As with most Backstage MARS 2.0 functionality, the client has options in how they want to deploy this functionality. The following is an example of a Library of Congress authority record with a, "Heading tracker", see reference in it. The subfield $w and the local heading designation are highlighted in brown:

001 __ n 50000918
003 __ DLC
005 __ 20090218072944.0
008 __ 800208n| acannaabn |a aaa
010 __ $an 50000918
035 __ $a(OCoLC)oca00036619
040 __ $aDLC$beng$cDLC$dOCoLC
100 1_ $aParker, Fan,$d1908-2004
400 1_ $aPockrose, Fania M.,$d1908-2004
400 1_ $wnnea$aParker, Fan,$d1908-$5UtOrBLW
670 __ $aOCLC, Feb. 17, 2009$b(hdgs.: Parker, Fan, 1908- ; Parker, Fan, 1908- ; usage: Fan Parker)

For additional information on the, "Heading Tracker", functionality click on the following link: Heading Tracker thread on our Control Center Community Forum.

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A hierarchy is an arrangement of objects, people, elements, values, grades, orders, classes, etc., in a ranked or graduated series. Items in a hierarchy are typically thought of as being "above," "below," or "at the same level as" one another. (wp) In the MARC structure a hierarchy refers to the structure of a bibliographic or authority heading. The main subfield ($a) defines the heading while the following hierarchal subfields, ($b-z etc) narrow the scope and definition of the heading. (ac, mpg)