New Optional Report (R08 Generic Names)

New Optional Report – R08 Generic Names

Backstage has a new optional report that can be generated during Current Cataloging or Basefile processing.  The new report lists all generic name headings.  Below is a brief description of the report as well as a few examples of how headings on this report appear.

The fields in this report contain a primary name heading which is considered generic (i.e. names without qualifiers such as a date or fuller form of the name). Choosing to flip on generic name headings will give you a greater match rate, but it can cause mismatched headings. The MARS 2.0 software allows for the flip of all name authority headings including the generic heading if there is a match to a See reference (400) in the LC authority record.

.b42996120 700 1 $aAdams, Stefan.
.b43163178 100 1 $aAli, Souad Tagelsir.
.b43119815 700 1 $aBayly, Francis Trevelyan Villiers.
.b43105038 700 1 $aBillman, E.
.b42847254 700 1 $aBotkin, Perry.$4arr
.b43099828 700 1 $aCastor, Claude Hay.
.b42680025 700 1 $aChan, Chun-Yong.

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