We’re expanding! RBMS and TGM databases available for searching

We are proud to announce the addition of two new genre databases in which to match your records against.

  • RBMS — Rare Books and Manuscript Section
  • TGM — Thesaurus for Graphic Materials

Read more to learn about each of these databases.

RBMS – Rare Books and Manuscript Section

Association of College and Research Libraries, Division of American Library Association

These thesauri provide standardized vocabulary for retrieving special collections materials by form, genre, or by various physical characteristics that are typically of interest to researchers and special collections librarians, for relating materials to individuals or corporate bodies.

rbbin binding terms 307 records
rbgenr genre terms 501 records
rbpap paper terms 290 records
pri printing evidence 152 records
rbprov provenance evidence 82 records
rbpub publishing evidence 39 records
rbrel relator terms 71 records
rbtyp type evidence 130 records

New MARC organization code created for RBMS terms: IlChRBM

Backstage would like to recognize the effort of the following people for helping us obtain and convert the RBMS genre file:

Deborah Leslie, Folger Shakespeare Library

Jim Kuhn, Folger Shakespeare Library

Ryan Hildebrand, University of Texas at Austin

Jason Kovari, University of Mississippi

Stephen Skuce, MIT

Nina Schneider, UCLA

TGM – Thesaurus for Graphic Materials

The Thesaurus for Graphic Materials is a tool for indexing visual materials by subject and genre/format.  The thesaurus includes more than 7,000 subject terms to index topic shown or reflected in pictures, and 650 genre/format terms to index types of photographs, prints, design drawings, ephemera and other categories.

TGM records are no longer maintained as MARC authority records; rather, they are saved as ASCII text and XML files.  Backstage converted these two types of files, generating both MARC subject and genre authority records.

gmgpc                   – genre terms                       670 records

lcgtm                     – subject terms                 7,142 records

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