Set Phase(r)s to Stun!

Day One for RDA Implementation
  • March 31, 2013
Phase 1
  • Mid-July 2012 (completion estimate)
  • 313,000 authorities
  • Change: addition of 667 note
  • 3-4 week period
Phase 2
  • March 31, 2013 (or as close to it as possible)
  • 328,000 authorities
  • Changes: 1XX, 4XX, 5XX
  • 3-4 week period

In Phase 1, 667 fields are being added to 313,000 authorities whose 1XX fields cannot be used as-is under RDA. These 1XX are also not susceptible to an automated change.

There are three categories of records which fall under Phase 1:
  1. AACR2 whose 1XX contains elements at variance with RDA practice
  2. Pre-AACR2 records
  3. AACR2 compatible heading records

Since a 667 note to the effect of “THIS 1XX FIELD CANNOT BE USED UNDER RDA UNTIL THIS RECORD HAS BEEN REVIEWED AND UPDATED” is being added to the 313,000 authorities, Backstage does not recommend replacing these particular authorities at this time. At a later date, when these authorities have been updated in other ways, Backstage can return these as part of our standard set of updated authorities (new, change, delete) from the Notification service.

Backstage will default to not delivering these particular updates for Phase 1, unless otherwise requested by our libraries.

In Phase 2, automated changes that can be made to 1XX, 4XX, and/or 5XX are done. Most of the changes involve expanding abbreviations, or the addition/removal of specific fields (link).

As Phase 2 is set to be completed as close to Day One as possible (March 31, 2013), we hope this gives our clients enough time to establish procedures on their end in order to handle the large influx of updates scheduled to arrive. These updates are planned to cover a 3-4 week time period, where approximately 328,000 records will be re-issued with the changes listed above. Backstage does recommend that our libraries receive these particular updates.

Backstage will default to delivering these particular updates for Phase 2, unless otherwise requested by our libraries.

As always, please let us know any questions you may have about the above information.


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