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Terminology… G

Generic name heading

A term used in the MARS 2.0 automated authority control process that refers to an authorized heading (1XX) or see reference (4XX) within a name authority that only has $a in the heading. Because there are no qualifiers to distinguish this name from other authority records that have that name it is referred to as a "generic name heading" In the MARS 2.0 process the client has the option to flip or not to flip a bibliographic heading to the authorized authority record (1XX) when a "generic name heading" is found in the 4XX of the authority record. (mpg)

Genre/Form Headings

Terms indicating the genre, form, and/or physical characteristics of the materials being described. A genre term designates the style or technique of the intellectual content of textual materials. A form term designates historically and functionally specific kinds of materials distinguished by their physical character, the subject of their intellectual content, or the order of information within them. The 655 tag of the bibliographic record is used for Genre/Form Headings. Standard published lists are used for the genre and form terms. The lists are identified either by the second indicator (Thesaurus) or by subfield $2 (Source of term). (m21)

Geographic headings

Geographic name used as a heading in an established heading record, an established heading and subdivision record, a traced or an untraced reference record, or a reference and subdivision record. In an established heading record, field 151 contains the established form of a geographic name. (m21)


General Material Designations. The GMD is subfield "h" of tag 245. The GMD appears in lowercase letters and is enclosed within brackets. It is the designator used to describe the medium the bibliographic material is in. An example would be a bibliographic record of a sound recording that would have a $h[sound recording]. The subfield is always surrounded by square brackets. (m21)

GMD Standardization Tables

The MARS 2.0 automated authority control process uses one of two tables to standardize the GMD used in a bibliographic database. The first level is the AACII Standard Terms (level 1). These are terms produced in the AACRII manual for cataloging. The GMD Common Terms table (Level 2) is a more robust table consisting of a collection of terms used by past authority Contol clients. (mpg)


A genre thesaurus, the Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, etc. constitute a recommendation for national standard practice in the provision of genre and subject access to individual works of fiction, drama, poetry, humor and folklore. The source file is available on the Northwestern University Library GSAFD Web site. (OCLC)