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MARS 2.0 Processing currently makes 162 spelling changes, due to the differences between British and American words [1]. These are changes where the words themselves are analogous of one another (e.g., colour vs color), as opposed to entirely different words instead [2].

Fields Included

MARS 2.0 checks every field that it authorizes when it considers these British-to-American spelling changes:

    100, 110, 111, 130
    400, 410, 411, 430, 440, 490
    600, 610, 611, 630, 650, 651, 655
    700, 710, 711, 730
    800, 810, 811, 830

If your library would prefer that this rule is enabled for your processing, please contact your MARS 2.0 Project Manager. Currently, this rule is disabled so it will not run on the bibliographic headings unless the library requests it. Specific fields can be switched "on" or "off" depending on the desired outcome of the library. The list can also be revised per library so that a heading such as Labour Party is not changed to Labor Party.

British-to-American Table

The British term on the left is replaced by the American term on the right. If there are other terms you would like to see included within this table, please let us know.

British American
aeroplane airplane
aeroplanes airplanes
ageing aging
aluminium aluminum
anaesthesia anesthesia
anaesthesiology anesthesiology
anaesthetics anesthetics
analogue analog
analogues analogs
analyse analyze
arbour arbor
armour armor
armoured armored
behaviour behavior
behavioural behavioral
behaviourism behaviorism
candour candor
catalogue catalog
cataloguer cataloger
cataloguers catalogers
catalogues catalogs
cataloguing cataloging
centres centers
cheques checks
colour color
coloured colored
colourimetry colorimetry
colouring coloring
colours colors
counselling counseling
counsellor counselor
counsellors counselors
criticise criticize
defence defense
defences defenses
dialogue dialog
dialogues dialogs
encyclopaedia encyclopedia
encyclopaedias encyclopedias
enquire inquire
enrolment enrollment
equalling equaling
favour favor
favourite favorite
favours favors
fibre fiber
fibres fibers
fibrework fiberwork
flavour flavor
flavouring flavoring
flavourings flavorings
flavours flavors
gynaecologic gynecologic
gynaecology gynecology
haematologic hematologic
haematological hematological
haematology hematology
haemodialysis hemodialysis
haemoglobin hemoglobin
haemoglobinopathy hemoglobinopathy
haemoglobins hemoglobins
haemorrhage hemorrhage
haemostasis hemostasis
harbour harbor
harbours harbors
homoeopathic homeopathic
homoeopathy homeopathy
honour honor
humour humor
humourists humorists
humourous humorous
hypoglycaemia hypoglycemia
industrialisation industrialization
jeweller jeweler
jewellers jewelers
jewellery jewelry
judgement judgment
labelling labeling
labour labor
labouring laboring
licence license
licences licenses
manoeuvre maneuver
manoeuvres maneuvers
mediaeval medieval
memorise memorize
metre meter
metres meters
modelling modeling
mould mold
moulding molding
moulds molds
moustache mustache
moustaches mustaches
neighbour neighbor
neighbourhood neighborhood
neighbourhoods neighborhoods
neighbourliness neighborliness
neighbours neighbors
odour odor
odours odors
offence offense
offences offenses
optimisation optimization
organisation organization
organisational organizational
organisations organizations
organised organized
orthopaedic orthopedic
orthopaedics orthopedics
paediatric pediatric
paediatrics pediatrics
paedophile pedophile
paedophiles pedophiles
paedophilia pedophilia
palaeobiology paleobiology
palaeobotany paleobotany
palaeogeophysics paleogeophysics
palaeohydrology paleohydrology
palaeomagnetism paleomagnetism
palaeontology paleontology
palaeozoic paleozoic
plough plow
ploughs plows
polarisation polarization
pretence pretense
programme program
programmes programs
pyjamas pajamas
quarrelling quarreling
realisation realization
self-actualisation self-actualization
self-defence self-defense
self-realisation self-realization
signalling signaling
skilful skillful
socialisation socialization
spectre specter
spectres specters
splendour splendor
sulphate sulfate
sulphates sulfates
sulphide sulfide
sulphides sulfides
sulphone sulfone
sulphones sulfones
sulphoxide sulfoxide
sulphoxides sulfoxides
sulphur sulfur
theatre theater
theatres theaters
traveller traveler
travellers travelers
travelling traveling
tumour tumor
tumours tumors
utilisation utilization
vapour vapor
vapours vapors
watercolour watercolor
watercolourists watercolorists
watercolours watercolors