DOS FTP Instructions

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DOS FTP Instructions

Currently there are three separate sites for uploading your files to our FTP servers using a standard DOS command-prompt:


Each one of these sites requires a user-name and password which can be retrieved from your Project Manager.

Command Prompt

Sometimes a library’s only option for uploading or downloading files is through a DOS command-prompt. In order to upload files to one of the servers above, here is what you would need to do:

  • Select Start->Run, then type cmd for command-prompt. The box that comes up can be used to FTP your files to or from our servers.
  • Navigate to the directory where your files are stored or where you want to put the files from our servers.


This next set of steps deals with communicating with our FTP servers. Please note the parts where you would type are entered in bold:

Connected to

220 NcFTPd Server (licensed copy) ready.

User ( *****

Password: *****

230-You are user #1 of 25 simultaneous users allowed.


230-Welcome to


230-All transfers to and from are logged.

230-If you do not accept this policy, disconnect now.


230-Information logged about this connection:


230-Current Local Time: Tue Apr 7 08:33:10 2009

230-FTP Login Name: *****

230-FTP E-mail address: *****

230-Number of Users Online: 1

230-Max number of Users: 25

230-Hostname of User: --------

230-IP Address of User: --------


ftp> cd incoming
250 "/incoming" is new cwd.
ftp> bin
200 Type okay.
ftp>put '''FILENAME

When you upload files to our servers in the DOS command-prompt, you need to put them there. When you download files from our servers, you need to get them from there.

Please note the bin command above. This bin stands for Binary as that is the format that you want to both download to or upload from our server.

Since you are either retrieving or sending files using a DOS command-prompt, please be prepared to wait while the files are transferred. Unlike with a graphical interface for FTP, there is no status of how long you must wait until the files have been transferred.

It is common to leave the command-prompt open until the files have successfully transferred. Once the files have been transferred over, this is what you should see:

200 PORT command successful.

150 Opening BINARY mode data connection.

226 Transfer completed.

ftp: 4 bytes sent in 0.02Seconds 0.19Kbytes/sec.

As you get a chance to upload or download files using the DOS command-prompt, please let us know any questions you may have.