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RDA 6.0: Reports

Reporting overview

MARS 2.0 offers a variety of reports designed to assist in your database maintenance tasks. You choose the reports that are appropriate for your project and circumstances.

These are the four basic types of reports that are available in this section:

  • Statistical Summary
  • Side-by-Side Record Comparison
  • Record Change Reports
  • Record Flag Reports

Step 6.0 details the kinds of standard & optional reports you may choose to receive.

Report formats

MARS 2.0 RDA reports are provided in electronic format so they can be downloaded at the same time the MARC records are distributed. The reports can be viewed and printed using any standard browser. They can also be edited with HTML editors and some word processors, however, editing these reports in a word processor may result in the ALA diacritics to display incorrectly.

Recently, Backstage has been able to convert all of the reports (with the exception of the Statistical Summary) to XLS format, making it easier for our clients to view large swathes of headings and make edits or adjust sorting to fit their needs. Both HTM and matching XLS reports will be delivered for each job processed.

Statistical summary

An RDA Statistical Summary is generated for every project that involves processing bibliographic records.

The Statistical Summary includes both high-level and detailed statistical information about the records processed. It also includes the number of times selected actions were taken or met certain criteria.

The statistical information is divided into three sections:

  • Section 1: Record Overview – A high-level view of the processed file(s). This section includes the number of bibliographic records by type (books, serials, etc.) and number of records changed.
  • Section 2: Field Distribution – A statistical analysis of the distribution of fields (by tag) within the bibliographic file. Included are how many records had none, one, or two instances of each field, and how many fields changed (by tag) during RDA processing.
  • Section 3: RDA Processing – Counts of specific changes made, and conditions found, during the RDA processing.

Section 3 also serves as a list of the reports available. Those reports marked with an asterisk (following the report number) are available as Standard Reports for all RDA projects at no additional cost.



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