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Step 6.3: Deleted Authorities


Authority updating often identifies a small number of authority records which have been removed from a national authority file by the appropriate national library. These are usually records that have been replaced by a different record.

MARS 2.0 can provide a machine-readable file and report of the deleted authority records. For records distributed electronically, the Record Status (Leader byte 05) will be set to d for all deleted authority records.

The most appropriate distribution of these records depends on the capabilities of your local system. If you are unsure of your system capabilities in regard to deleted authority records please contact your ILS vendor.

The Authority Delete Report is only available as an option in the Notification Service.

No delete status authority records are distributed as a result of one time MARS 2.0 projects or the Current Cataloging Service. This is because only the authority records related to headings in the file of new bibliographic records are examined during authority control processing.

By definition, a heading will never match a deleted authority record, so they will not be examined or distributed as part of Current Cataloging processing.


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