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Ending Punctuation

In the automated authority control process ending punctuation refers to the ending punctuation found at the end of a data string associated with a bibliographic or authority tag. Some ILS systems have trouble indexing authority data with certain ending punctuation. The MARS 2.0 software give the client an option to retain or delete ending punctuation. (mpg)

Established form

see Authorized Heading (form)

Expanded abbreviations

Past cataloging practices allowed for abbreviation of common topical terms like Hist. & crit. for History and criticism. The MARS 2.0 subfield correction tables support the expansion of outdated or invalid abbreviations in LC headings to the full form. Changes are made only when the outdated or invalid form is the entire text of the subfield: (mpg)

Outdated / Invalid Changes to In Field / Subfield
Hist. & crit. History and criticism LC 6XX $x subfields
U.S. United States LC 651 $a, X10 $a. and 6XX $z subfields
Econ. cond. Economic conditions LC 6XX $x subfields

Expanded Report format

When bib control numbers are included in a MARS 2.0 Authority Control report, a heading contained in ten bibliographic records would be included in your reoprt ten times, each time with a different bibliographic control number. Reports that include bib control numbers are in expanded format. Expanded-format reports are especially useful when making updates in one record at a time. Please choose the expanded or collapsed option found in profile. (mpg)

Extended subject heading

A name, name/title, uniform title, topical term, or genre/form term heading that includes one or more general, form, geographic, or chronological subject subdivision terms (subfields $v, $x, $y, or $z). (m21)