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RDA 3.3: CMC Processing


Content Type, Media Type, Carrier Type

To add 33X fields with the appropriate terms for the RDA Content Type (html), Media Type (html), and Carrier Type terms (html), the MARS 2.0 processing utilizes over 1,000 individual rules in order to properly map to the most correct set of 33X fields for the record. For instance, there are over 100 rules dedicated solely to electronic resources. If present, GMDs are used in the vetting process, as well as 006, 007, and 008 fixed field positions.

You can specify whether you would like to exclude any or all of the 33X fields from being generated as part of the mapping between 245 $h GMD and 33X Content Type, Media Type, and Carrier Type terms.

For each 33X field you may also choose whether to add a $a term, $b code, or both of these subfields. A subfield $2 will be added with the appropriate RDA term ($2 rdacontent, $2 rdamedia, $2 rdacarrier) If you would like to use another vocabulary of terms that can be identified in a $2 please contact your project manager.


Add 33X types based on field values within the bib record.

$a term

 original record:
   LDR  02081cjm  2200517 a 4500
   007  sd fsngnnmmned
   245  $a Violin concerto $h [sound recording] :$b Piano quintet /$c Dvorak.
   300  $a 1 sound disc :$b digital ;$c 4 3/4 in.
 added 33X fields:
   336  $a performed music $2 rdacontent
   337  $a audio $2 rdamedia
   338  $a audio disc $2 rdacarrier

$b code

33X $b codes can also be added which can facilitate machine actions:

 added 33X fields:
   336  $a performed music $b prm $2 rdacontent
   337  $a audio $b s $2 rdamedia
   338  $a audio disc $b sd $2 rdacarrier

AACR2 GMD terms checked

activity card art original art reproduction
braille cartographic material cartographic material (tactile)
chart chart (large print) diorama
electronic resource filmstrip flashcard
game kit manuscript
microform microscope slide model
motion picture multimedia music
music (braille) object picture
realia slide sound recording
technical drawing text text (large print)
toy transparency videorecording

Common GMD terms checked

atlas audiocassette cartographic chart CD recording
CD-ROM CDV compact disc DVD
DVD-ROM electronic resource (CD-ROM) equipment federal document
floppy globe government document graphic
large print laser disc LP map
map (tactile) microfiche microfilm microopaque
microprint miscellaneous newspaper periodical
photograph record serial slide set
sound recording (CD) sound recording (LP) sound recording (cassette) sound recording (compact disc)
study print US document VHS video single disc
video-CD videocassette videodisc videodisc (DVD)
videorecording (DVD) videorecording (VHS) VSD


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