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RDA 4.2: 250 & 255 Fields


This step will bring abbreviations commonly used in the Edition Statement (250) and the Cartographic Mathematical Data (255) fields in line with RDA practices a much as possible by machine manipulation. PCC Guidelines (docx) By using lists that can be updated and expanded as needed it is possible to modify the changes to either of these fields to fit your needs.

Note: PCC does not recommend changing 250 fields by machine.

250 field

Abbreviations spelled out in 250 fields RDA (html) include numeric designations (1st to first, 3d to third, etc.) RDA 1.8.1 (html), ed. to edition, rev. to revised, etc.RDA App. B (html)

This table lists some abbreviations that will be expanded in 250 $a (edition statement):

Abbreviated Expanded Abbreviated Expanded
1st First 6th Sixth
2nd Second 7th Seventh
3rd Third 8th Eighth
4th Fourth 9th Ninth
5th Fifth 10th Tenth
ed. edition rev. revised
et. al. and others
 original field:
    250 $a 3rd rev. ed.
 updated field:
    250 $a Third revised edition.

Note: RDA Enrichment also includes expanding abbreviations for other language versions of edition, edited, revised, enlarged, corrected, new, improved, and updated. All told, the following languages have edition statement abbreviations expanded: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Slavic, Spanish, and Swedish.

255 field

Abbreviations to be spelled out in 255 fields RDA 7.25.1 (html) include RA to Right ascension, Decl. to Declination, eq. to quinox, hour to hr., and ca. changed to approximately and brackets removed.

 original field:
    255 $c Scale [ca. 1:90,000].
 updated field:
    255 $c Scale approximately 1:90,000.
 original field:
    255 $c (RA 16 hr./Decl. -23° ; eq. 1950).
 updated field:
    255 $c (Right ascension 16 hr./Declination -23° ; equinox 1950).

Note: No changes will be made to 255 $b Statement of Projection as it is a transcribed field.RDA (html)


Expand all abbreviations in 25X fields.


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