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rda authority control

In November 2010, Backstage created several authority control options for processing RDA bibliographic records (040 $e). Since that time we have refined these options with help from our clients. Currently we have 5 separate options to choose from:

  • 1 - AACR2 & RDA against AACR2 only
  • 2 - AACR2 against AACR2; ignore RDA
  • 3 - AACR2 against AACR2; RDA against RDA
  • 4 - AACR2 & RDA against AACR2 (1st), RDA (2nd)
  • 5 - AACR2 against AACR2 (1st), RDA (2nd); RDA against RDA (1st), AACR2 (2nd)

Option 1 is our current default, which requires no action on the part of our clients. However, if a client is interested in RDA authorities, our recommendation would be Option 5, which represents the current LC/PCC standard.

Regardless of which authority control option is chosen, there are several of our bibliographic validation rules that are not run on RDA bib records. This includes:

  • Subfield Updates and Deletes (namely any rules that remove relator terms)
  • Field Conversions and Additions
  • GMD Standardization

rda master authority file

In order to facilitate authority matching in RDA bib records, Backstage has created a separate master authority file of RDA authority records. This includes any authority record with 040 $e rda as well as any AACR2 authority record with 7XX x4.



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