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Step 4.1: Bibliographic File Output


All bib records

Since many libraries request MARS 2.0 authority control when implementing or migrating to a new ILS, or when building a consortial database, returning all records is usually necessary to build a new catalog. Exporting all bibs does mean that you would potentially have to spend more time importing or overlaying them back into your system once processing has completed. However, it may also be useful to know which records have gone to Backstage for processing as opposed to changed bibs only.

Changed bibs only

Encompasses all changes made during MARS 2.0 processing. Selecting this option often results in return of a majority of bibliographic records (80-95% is common). This option includes changes made during Step 2 (Bibliographic Cleanup) as well as Step 3 (Authority Cleanup).

Bibliographic file segmentation

ILS limitations or requirements for loading and indexing updated records are a consideration in determining maximum bibliographic output size.

The response time in some local systems is sometimes degraded during prolonged loads. In other ILS, essential online system tasks cannot be performed during a load.

While MARS 2.0 can handle files in excess of 1,000,000 records, we can also distribute files broken up into more appropriate chunks to facilitate the loading and indexing processes at your side.


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