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Step 4.7: Authority Record Cleanup


Library of Congress continues to make updates to its authority records, including punctuation and indicator changes.

However, not all of the LC authority records have been updated yet and fields such as local LC notes (9XX) or obsolete 2nd indicators may cause problems for your ILS.

9xx field removal

Library of Congress will sometimes insert their local notes fields (9XX) into their authority records.

For many libraries, this does not cause loading issues for their ILS. However, there are a few systems that reject these authorities because of the new 9XX fields. MARS 2.0 can remove all of the local LC notes (9XX) from the authority records before they are delivered to your library.

Ending punctuation

Some headings in LC authority records have ending punctuation. This may cause problems in linking and overlaying authority headings in a few local ILS.

In deleting the ending punctuation, MARS 2.0 will not remove a period that is part of the final word in the heading (e.g., abbreviations).

2nd indicator cleanup

Many LC authority records contain obsolete 2nd indicators of 0 for the X00, X10, X11, and X5X fields.

MARS 2.0 can change these 2nd indicators from 0 to blank. If these obsolete indicator values pose no problems to your local system, it may not be necessary to make this cleanup. MARS 2.0 programs will not change the 2nd indicator for X30 fields during this cleanup step.


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