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records to process

The steps taken in this profile can be used to convert all of your bibliographic records from AACR2 (or an older standard) to RDA, upgrade existing RDA bib records (as designated by the 040 $e rda), or create hybrid AACR2/RDA bib records.

convert all bib records to rda

If you choose to convert all records to RDA, then every AACR2 record that is processed will be updated to include the RDA updates chosen in the rest of this profile.

upgrade existing rda records

When you choose to have Backstage upgrade your existing RDA bibliographic records, our processes will validate and correct standard information within only records that already contain 040 $e rda.

create hybrid aacr2/rda records

The PCC is working on guidelines for creating a hybrid AACR2/RDA bibliographic record. Options within this profile can help you upgrade your existing AACR2 and RDA bib records to be hybrid records as outlined by the PCC standard.


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