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RDA 4.7: Note Fields - 5XX


500 and 504 fields

This table shows the terms that MARS 2.0 will spell out in 500 and 504 field if these options are chosen: RDA 1.7.8 (html)

Abbreviated Expanded
acc. arr. accompaniment arranged
bib. bibliographical
Bib. Bibliographical
ca. approximately
ed. edition
et. al. and others
incl. includes
ind. index
introd. introduction
Introd. Introduction
l. leaves
p. pages
t.p. title page
 original field:
    500 $a "Also attributed to Jonathan Swift"--Introd.
 updated field:
    500 $a "Also attributed to Jonathan Swift"--Introduction.
 original field:
    504 $a Includes bib. references (p. 299-302).
 updated field:
    504 $a Includes bibliographical references (pages 299-302).

There may be other 5XX fields (besides 502, which is described in more detail below) that you are interested in having abbreviations expanded. Please contact your Backstage project manager for more details.

Similar to how p. and l. are treated in 300 $a, MARS 2.0 will spell these out to pages and leaves, but then also check to make sure the characters following these phrases are singular or plural. If singular (i.e., p. 10), then pages is changed to page and leaves is changed to leaf.

502 field

RDA rules allow for the content of 502 fields to be broken up into separate subfields for specificity. RDA 7.9.1 (html) If the existing 502 notes follow AACR2 formatting, MARS 2.0 can break up the information into multiple subfields. LC-PCC PS fro (html)

 original field:
    502 $a Thesis (M.A.)--University College, London, 1969.
 updated field:
    502 $b M.A. $c University College, London $d 1969.

Note that there are certain limitations that the computer faces when attempting to expand abbreviations in the 502 field.


Do not expand abbreviations in notes or convert 502 fields.


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