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RDA 5.6: Sacred Works


Bible testaments

O.T. and N.T. should no longer be used, but the terms should be expanded as Old Testament or New Testament. With AACR2, a Biblical book title within an X30 field had an additional subfield containing either Old Testament or New Testament.

With RDA, the Testament subfield is removed when a Biblical book is in the next subfield:

   original fields:
      130  0 $a Bible. $p O.T.
      630  0 $a Bible. $p N.T. $p Acts.
      730  0 $a Bible. $p O.T. $p Exodus, I-IX.
   updated fields:
      130  0 $a Bible. $p Old Testament
      630  0 $a Bible. $p Acts.
      730  0 $a Bible. $p Exodus, I-IX.


Under RDA the preferred heading for the Koran and its parts have changed to “Qur’an” in accordance with the rule that says the preferred heading for sacred scriptures is the name in the language used by the religious group to which the scripture belongs. RDA (html).

   original field:
      730    0 $a Koran.
   updated field:
      730    0 $a Qu'ran.

Note: the character that somewhat resembles an apostrophe is the alif. NAF Conversion documentation for Qur'an (pdf)


Make all changes to sacred works in X30 fields.


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