Free Floater Subfield Validation

July 7th, 2011

Free-Floater Subdivision Validation (18X)

When a heading is attempting to find a match against Library of Congress (LC) authority records, it is typically the case that the full heading will not find a match. Why is this? It is due to all of the varied possibilities with headings that include free-floating subdivisions. Read the rest of this entry »

RDA Crosswalk

June 20th, 2011

Karen, our RDA and Authority Control Librarian, has asked that I share this information with our blog readers. If you’re interested in RDA and conversions to and from AACR2 please take a few moments to read this and give us your feedback. Thanks!

With the decision of the National Libraries to adopt RDA sometime after Jan. 2013, we are anticipating more interest how legacy AACR2 records and RDA records should be handled.  We are already seeing an increase in the number of RDA records being produced and there are several institutions cataloging fully with RDA.

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RDA Officially Adopted by Library of Congress

June 14th, 2011

The Library of Congress, National Library of Medicine, and the National Agricultural Library announced today their conditional adoption of RDA and have set the date of implementation not earlier than January 1st, 2013.

In response to concerns about RDA raised by the Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control, the three U.S. national libraries–the Library of Congress (LC), the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Agricultural Library (NAL)–made a commitment to the further development and completion of RDA.  The three libraries agreed to make a joint decision on whether or not to implement RDA, based on the results of a test of both RDA and the Web product.  The goal of the test is to assure the operational, technical, and economic feasibility of RDA.  Testers will include the three national libraries and the broader U.S. library community. —Read the official announcement.

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Come Join us in New Orleans for ALA

June 8th, 2011
Come Join us Backstage in New Orleans

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MARS Authority Control Updates

March 31st, 2011

This quarter has been a busy one for us at Backstage in the Authority Control / Automation service dept. We always get together and discuss upcoming goals and apply priorities to those goals throughout the year, just as everyone on this list participates in their own goals-oriented meetings. And, just like everyone else, sometimes our goals are changed around or new goals come into play that causes us to drop everything and focus on those instead. Read the rest of this entry »