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RDA Crosswalk

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Karen, our RDA and Authority Control Librarian, has asked that I share this information with our blog readers. If you’re interested in RDA and conversions to and from AACR2 please take a few moments to read this and give us your feedback. Thanks!

With the decision of the National Libraries to adopt RDA sometime after Jan. 2013, we are anticipating more interest how legacy AACR2 records and RDA records should be handled.  We are already seeing an increase in the number of RDA records being produced and there are several institutions cataloging fully with RDA.


We Need Your Input!

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Judy, one of the project managers would like opinions from multiple librarians on a question we are facing right now. Here’s what she had to say.

Hello Everyone, we are looking for feedback from our community:

MARC Proposal No. 2008-06 requested that $x ISSN’s be allowed in 8XX fields ( and the proposal was approved by Library of Congress on October 2, 2008.  Just recently OCLC has decided to begin allowing $x too (see their July 2009 Technical Bulletin 257 found at:

With LC’s switch from 440 to 490 and our programming changes to accommodate this, many of you are now getting $x ISSN subfields in your Bibliographic 8XXs.  This has been causing some concern and at least in one scenario, it creates a problem situation as follows:

original bib headings:
490_1 $aSTI/PUB ;$v1343
490_1 $aSafety reports series,$x1020-6450 ;$vno. 58
830_0 $aSafety reports series ;$vno. 58.

after processing:
490_1 $aSTI/PUB ;$v1343
490_1 $aSafety reports series,$x1020-6450 ;$vno. 58
830_0 $aSafety reports series ;$vno. 58.
830_0 $aSafety reports series,$x1020-6450 ;$vno. 58.

The resulting 830s happened this way because the 8XXs must link up with 490-1’s.  The system assumes the first 8XX belongs to the first 490-1 so it retained “Safety report series ;$vno. 58.”  Since it “thought” there was no 8XX for the second 490-1 an 8XX was created for it.  Unfortunately it was the first 490-1 that was missing a linking 8XX.

What is your practice regarding 8XX $x?  Since this is now an allowable subfield and we follow LC procedures, what will this do to your system?

Your feedback would be very welcome and much appreciated. Feel free to comment on this blog or talk about it on our Forum at: